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  • Haliburton community dental assistance program
  • Helping those in need with dental care
  • Urgent dental work at our Haliburton clinic
  • Volunteer Dentists, Dental Hygienists & Dental Assistants services
  • Please support the Volunteer Dental Outreach Haliburton County clinic by donating

"The cost of even basic dental care is beyond the reach of an alarming number of Haliburton County residents who continue to suffer physically, socially, psychologically and economically because of this. Lisa Stoughton and I decided that we would volunteer our services to help the financially disadvantaged by providing free dental services to those with nowhere else to turn. When word of this spread, a wonderful group of community members rallied around to grow this concept into a free standing dental clinic where dental professionals could come and treat patients by volunteering their time and skills." - Dr. William Kerr

Mission of Volunteer Dental Outreach for Haliburton County
To provide free urgent dental care for low income residents of Haliburton County

  • Provide access to dental care for low income residents of Haliburton County
  • Provide education about preventative dental care
  • Communicate with the community about the importance of access to dental care and the services of Volunteer Dental Outreach
  • Engage and retain volunteers (dental professionals and community members)
  • Ensure financial sustainability - through partnerships, volunteer effort, donated services and resources and fundraising

Criteria for Service

Screening is done to ensure eligibility based on financial need. The criteria for eligibility have been established in consultation with other community stakeholders including Foodnet. A screening committee has authority to approve special cases that do not fit the criteria on a case by case basis. If you wish to be considered for this program, please call Volunteer Dental Outreach at 705 457 3111 and your case will be reviewed for eligibility by a confidential interview during which detailed questions about your income and expenses are evaluated. Should you be eligible for this program, you will then be placed in priority sequence for a dental appointment with one of our volunteer dentists. Your financial information will be kept confidential and not included with your dental records. Please note, this clinic is not an emergency service and will operate by appointment only. Should you be experiencing severe pain or swelling please proceed to a dental emergency service or hospital for immediate medical attention. Follow up with a dentist will be provided based on urgency and availability of volunteer dental professionals.

How to Start a Rural Not-for-Profit Dental Outreach Clinic (Click link for PDF)
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